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Av Kevin - 28 mars 2017 20:30

I would like to begin by saying that if you've never tried trading online then it is maybe time to at least try. By the way, there are many practice accounts and other possibilities to try what online trading offers people. 

Binary options or digital options (known for longer period of time) is something similar to game roulette where you choose to put your money on black or red field but the beauty of trading here is that you can predict it by reading news, analyzing graphs and lots of other methods. You just need to choose which one do you like the most. 

Binary options offers many trading methods:

  • high/low;
  • 60 seconds;
  • one touch;
  • range options;
  • pro trader;
  • option builder;
  • and others.

The simpliest and the most used at the moment is high/low because there you need to predict only the way of particular asset - price will increase, stay at the same level or decrease. If you are right then you win predetermined amount of money. Mostly return is something like 65-80% of your initial investment but some brokers offer more. If you predicted wrong, you lose only the amount that you invested in particular asset. Some brokers offer out-of-money refund. That means if you were wrong they give you back e.g 10% of your investment. Simple as that. However, you must be careful when choosing assets and trading amounts. This may sound simple, actually it is, but you can also lose some money what, of course, we don't want to happen. 

There are some key phrases that you should get familiar with if you decide that you want to trade binary options but we will talk about them in the next post little bit later. Stay tuned and you can find some additional information in websites that you see on your right. Good luck everyone! 



Binary Options, have you ever heard about them? If not, then I will teach you a bit so you could understand it and start your own trading.

Senaste inläggen

Have you ever tried them?

Some people never heard about possibilities to trade both markets. No matter in which way it is moving, you can always gain from it if you know how. We are here to explain you some basics of trading online. 


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